Dan Kennedy is an author, speaker, and an extraordinary marketer. Every
month I get two of his newsletters.  Something caught my eye, in this month’s
issue, that I wanted to share with you.

Many years ago he remembers seeing The Tonight show when it was being hosted
by Johnny Carson. One night in particular his guest was a salesman named
Fred Herman.

Johnny said to Fred, “You’re supposed to be the world’s greatest salesman.
So sell me something.”

Fred picked up Carson’s crystal ash tray, admired it, held it out and asked,
“If you were to buy this ashtray, what would you pay for it?”

Carson stated a price and Fred said “Sold.”

Very basic and pretty simple I’d say.  There’s a powerful lesson to be learned
from this that you can use every day.

Make sure your price is right.

In this case Fred only needed one question to get Johnny to place a value on
his product.

Ask questions to learn everything you can about your buyer’s situation.

Ask questions to identify the buyer’s pain and problems.

Ask questions until you’re able to dollarize the buyer’s problems.

Once you’re able to help the buyer to see how much his problems are costing
him the price of your solutions will pale by comparison.  The bigger the gap
between the size ($) of his problem and the price ($) of your solution – the
less important your product’s price is.

Don’t quote a price until you can dollarize your buyer’s problems.

The price is right when you focus your energy and effort on solving problems.

And speaking of problems – here’s one most sales people have to deal with.
How to optimize your windshield time.  Sure you can use your cell phone and
listen to your radio.

You can also turn your car into a classroom for 20 minutes every day and
listen to CDs.

Use this l*ink to learn more about Day 2 of the “Mize’s” Christmas Special.

Let’s go sell something . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

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