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How To Fill Up A Notebook With Effective Sales Tips | Sales And Publishing

How To Fill Up A Notebook With Effective Sales Tips
And Creative Selling Techniques Every 90 Days

Where does your inspiration come from?  Where do your new selling ideas,
creative selling techniques, and no-brainer selling tips come from?

What say you, “You have better things to think and worry about.” I hope
you’re not thinking like that.

Good intentions are a dime a dozen.  Hoping things will happen is 180°
from making things happen in your sales territory.  Personally, I believe
one of the biggest differences between “Winners” and “Whiners” is that
winners have the ability to learn how to learn.  This enables them to
absorb and adapt to new challenges.

“Whiners” make excuses and keep hoping for things to get better.  At the
same time however, they close the door to new ideas.  If you’re not buying
and reading books and listening to CDs on a regular basis you’re closing
the door to new ideas.  If you don’t attempt to hang out with people smarter
than you – you’re closing the door to new ideas.

A lot of people in sales wouldn’t recognize a good sales idea unless it
kicked them in the seat of their pants.  For example, when you read this
newsletter, are you only looking for ideas that are neat and tidy and
100% ready and relevant to your business?

A few weeks ago, in my letter #212, I told you how my father lost 30 pounds
in two months.  Unless losing weight is a high priority for you – you probably
paid little if any attention and most likely deleted the e-mail letter.

After sharing my father’s system for losing weight several weeks ago I heard
from Jeff G.,one of my subscribers.  It seems that Jeff had a physical in
November which indicated high blood sugar levels and the need to lose some
weight.  Jeff also said, after reading about my father’s system he joined a
health club on December 1st and is happy to report he has worked out
13 consecutive days.  He said he also eliminated bread and sweets from his diet.

He also said, “Your father motivated me to get off my ass and get back
into shape.”

When you become a receptor for new sales ideas you start to see them everywhere.
Maybe you don’t need a weight loss system.  On the other hand maybe you you
could use a system for making appointments, getting past the gatekeeper,
handling the price objection, doing proposals, and I think you get the picture.

In the future when you’re reading articles and listening to CDs always ask
yourself, “How can I apply these ideas to my work.”  Don’t expect good ideas
to be handed to you on a silver platter.  Sometimes you have to chip away at
something that’s right front of you until what you’re left with is a “Gem of
an idea.”

Most of the ideas in my newsletters are not designed as “One size fits all.”
Instead they are easy to bend, twist, convert, chop up etc. until your left
with something that fits you like a glove.

Talking about gloves, I’m writing this Thursday at 10 p.m. on my way back
to Tampa on United flight 1581.  It’s been cold, windy, and snowing and I’m
glad I’m headed back to Palm Tree country. I can put the gloves and scarf
away until my next trip back up north.

When I get back to Florida, I’m told ‘Tis the season to be jolly, I’m
planning a six-day Christmas sale for all my learning tools.  You’ll hear
about the Day One Christmas special later today.

Finally, here’s an idea that can open the floodgates to new ideas for you
on a daily basis.  Read tomorrow’s newspaper with directed intensity – especially
the business and sports sections.  Sit down with a cup of your favorite Java
and focus your reading and try to pull out one idea you can use in your
business every day.

And be sure to write down your new ideas in your “Idea notebook.”

Imagine if you did this every day.  You don’t have to be creative to spot
new ideas – you simply have to be receptive to them.

Let’s go sell something . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

PS 1 – Hey, in case you missed it I’ve scheduled a TeleClass on January 5th
titled, “Strategic Simplicity – Seven Ways To Get Off To A Rocket-fast Stock
In 2006.” Here’s the lin*k to sneak a peak at more information now.


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